Driving lessons

Perfectly prepared

Driving instruction takes place in the driving test areas of Zurich and neighbouring municipalities. My specialised driving lessons ensure you’ll be well prepared for your practical driving test.

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I offer driving lessons in German, English and French. The top priority here is for you to pass the driving test on your first attempt, as this will save you time and money and also ensure you don’t get demotivated. The lessons are therefore designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to pass the driving test first time.

Lesson duration

50 minutes

Lesson content

Scheduling, sub-topic, main topic, joint definition of goals, joint monitoring of learning success


Package of    1 lesson    of 50 min. = CHF       95 (CHF 95 per lesson)

Package of    5 lessons of 50 min. = CHF    460 (CHF 92 per lesson)

Package of 10 lessons of 50 min. = CHF    900 (CHF 90 per lesson)

Package of 15 lessons of 50 min. = CHF 1335 (CHF 89 per lesson)

Package of 20 lessons of 50 min. = CHF 1760 (CHF 88 per lesson)

Package of 30 lessons of 50 min. = CHF 2610 (CHF 87 per lesson)

Package of 50 lessons of 50 min. = CHF 4300 (CHF 86 per lesson)




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