Kurt Bärtschi

“Timing. Get to the point” is my philosophy when it comes to modern and efficient driver education.

I’ve been a federally certified driving instructor since 2011, and I’ve noticed over and over again that learner drivers often get very nervous and agitated when they practise driving. Part of this has to do with the fact that they are intimidated by all the buttons, systems, etc. in the vehicle. However, it’s also because traffic has become more complex over the last few years: not only do you have a large number of cars; there are also more bicycles, trams, buses and pedestrians – and this presents a major challenge to beginners especially. This is why timing is so important. When you focus on the right timing, everything becomes more relaxed, and learners also make significantly fewer mistakes. In such a situation, the driver remains completely in control of the vehicle and completely aware of the traffic moving around them. The right timing basically means doing the right thing at the right time and in the right place – and it’s also what guarantees quick and lasting success as a driver.

I can promise you

that I will take a very close look at you and your skills and show you what you need to do to become a great driver – all without any pressure. And when I’m finished, you’ll be able to pass your driving test at the first attempt.

I will help you make sure that everything you do behind the wheel becomes second nature to you. You will then not only develop a confident driving style; you will also feel safe and completely ready – not only for your driving test but also for your life as a driver thereafter. Nothing is more valuable than a safe, confident and calm driving style in traffic situations that are becoming increasingly complex and hectic.

So let’s work together on developing the right timing. I’m looking forward to it!

Education and training

Tool maker

Federally certified flight instructor (Federal Office of Civil

Aviation / Swiss Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association)

Certified office administrator HMZ

Specialist training SWISSMEM

Federally certified IT specialist for

systems engineering

Federally certified driving instructor

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